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About me

Who are you?

I'm a game developer from Switzerland who dream to make games since I was a kid. I like anime, manga, manhwa, board games, video games and my favorite genre is fantasy. I have abilities in developping, creating vast universes, drawing and gaming.

What is your goal?

I have a really vast universe I build in my head and I think it will be wonderful to share it with you. Since I love building video games, I plan to create a lot of projects to tell the different stories in the Univers of Krysta. Moreover, I really like well made games and will do my best to gave you the best quality I'm able to reach and improve it with time.

Since when did you start working on this universe?

A seriously started to work on this project around mid 2016. But in reality I started to imagine this fantasy world way earlier.

What are your activities in Krysta Games?

I do almost everything, wathever it is game development, web development, game designe, character design, story writting and a lot more!

Are you working alone?

Even if I do almost everything, there are still some skill I'm not good enough at the moment. I got help from various people to create my projects. Learn more about them on the team page.

Universe of Krysta

Patreon and colors, what does they meen?

If you are one of our patrons from Patreon, more informations about our stories and projects will be unlocked for you. They are classified in different ranks corresponding to the patreon tiers.

Public : Every one can access this content. they are complementary informations related to the projects we released.
Bronze : tier 1 of patreon rewards, those sections are about stories and projects that will soon be made public.
Silver : tier 2 of patreon rewards, those sections are work in progress about stories and projects which are mostly defined.
Gold : tier 3 of patreon rewards, those sections are early concepts and ideas wich can change a lot over time.

I found a mistake, where can I report it?

You can use the contact form at the bottom of each page or directly speak about it on our discord server.

How big do you plan to expend this universe?

I don't have a set limit, but I will not expend it only for the sake of it. If I add a world, it is done in a way that fit with the whole of the universe of Krysta.

Do you plan to translate in other languages?

Translating would be nice, but it's a lot of work and I prefer focus my time on writing the full story first. I keep the translation for a later date.


Where can I report a bug or a technical issue ?

If you have any issue with our game, fell free to contact us and explain what appened.

When will Lostria be completed?

Even if it make a bit more than a year without news, I still plan to complete the game soon. There will be more news about it in 2023.

How many projects will you make?

I don't have a specific number but it's actually a bit more than 5. Where will be one main project by story and some others smaller projects.


How can I help you?

If you like the project and want to help make it better, you can register on our Patreon page. You can also help by making it known on the social networks my sharing our posts and speaking about it.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform where people can share their activities and receive financial support from the community in exchange of rewards in a mensual basis.

Contact us

If you didn't found what you wanted, you can contact us.