Patch Note: April 5, 2021

Addition of some assets, optimization and improvement of the code.
2 years ago
Update of April 5, 2021
In this update, we have focused our efforts on improving skill creation as well as optimizing algorithms. We have also added new assets made by our artists.
New assets
Karl: new model
Karl's model has been revised to better match the artistic direction.
Tiana: Temporary Splash Art
In order to practice illustration, our developer decided to work on some of the missing illustrations. Here's the first one: Tiana.
Skill developpement
New system
We have reviewed the way to develop skills to allow much more ease and richness in their development. Some characters will soon be improved thanks to this new system.
Skills that transform
The transforming skills have been replaced by their two versions in parallel. This allows complexity to be limited where it is not needed. It is highly likely that this feature will reappear in the future in a better form.
AI adaptation
The AI has been adapted to the new skills system. This change also allowed us to better define the priorities for the use of skills.
Alog: Gameplay update
The functioning of the Adlog overload has been revised. Alog now has a passive with a charge meter. This counter increases with each use of the Overload skill and increases the damage of the Ultralaser skill which will consume the charges.
Frysta: Balancing
For more consistency as well as balance the character, the skill Ice Peaks no longer causes loss of SP.
Overview of areas of effect
Not wanting to make an image by skill and having to change it each time they were modified, we made a script that generates the image of the area of ??effect. This algorithm is still basic and will be improved over time.
Memorization of the last selected mode
The last selected game mode is stored. This allows the user to jump directly to it when opening the mode selection screen.
Bugfix: Unfinished game
Unfinished games, usually provoked by exiting the game while playing against the AI, are no longer recorded as wins or losses in history and are simply not displayed instead.
Various modifications have been made in an attempt to reduce FPS losses as well as potential memory leaks.
The demo and beta download links are now accessible on the Lostria home page.