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Patch Note: May 8, 2021

Added Aria's model and various interface improvements!
1 year ago
Update of May 8, 2021
Another small update to implement the various feedback offered by our testers to improve the interface, controls and of course more bug fixes. We continue to make progress on assets in parallel with the arrival of the Aria model.
Aria: 3d model
Here is a preview of the model of Aria without her weapons which you can find in the beta version today!
Invisibility and concealment
Following the addition of a notification if the character is hidden or not, we noticed that an invisible character located in tall grass received the "Hidden" state, which indirectly revealed his position. Now an invisible character will no longer display the "Hidden" information when standing in tall grass or shadowy fog of Epotykias. Likewise, characters with the "always visible" property are not indicated as "Hidden" if they are on a space that can conceal characters.
Alog - Nerf
Alog's maximum SP amount has been reduced to allow the opponent to be able to prevent Ultralaser from being used by removing 1 SP from Alog. In addition, the cost of the Overload has been adjusted so that it can still be used in combination with the laser when using the Revigoration tactical asset.
  • Base SP: reduced from 7 to 6
  • Overload: Cost reduced from 5 to 4 SP
  • Frysta - Nerf
    Frysta is supposed to be a dragon that sits on the front lines, his large scope on his blizzard skill doesn't match the initial design besides making him too powerful. We therefore decided to reduce the range of this skill.
  • Blizzard: Range reduced from 8 to 6
  • Grom
    Although the strong point of Quads is their high damage capacity, being able to destroy an objective with as much ease as Grom is not normal. So we've reduced its damage slightly so that it takes little more than a small arrow to completly destroy the objectives that Grom hits.
  • Javelin: Damage reduced from 120 to 100
  • Interface
    History of events
    The visual of the recapitulation of events has been revised. The size of the icons has been reduced, the events related to the selected character are highlighted and the cumulative consecutive moves have been revised to provide more precision by displaying a list rather than the total displacement value.
    Information of the selected character
    The information relating to the selected character has been completed with the addition of the Size Category , the Propulsion Factor and the completion of the list of special properties with the Does not block vision, Disappears in X turns and Passive character .
    Damage preview
    The damage preview now updates when the character takes damage with the previous action in the case of a player's quick action. In addition, the size of the information has been reduced and the colored background removed to hide the game board as much as possible. We have also added a difference in the color of the damage depending on whether it removes shield points or life points.
    Other action info
    The character selection and character placement information now shows the name of the character that will be placed or selected. We also removed the character swap notification during deployment as it was confusing and didn't add any real use.
    List of characters
    The character category icons have been enlarged to be more visible.
    Map editor
    Addition of a "Exit" button in the toolbar of the map editor.
    The "Esc" button will now deselect the skill and / or the character in priority on the menu opening.
    Added an option to activate and deactivate the automatic centering of the camera on a character when a shortcut is used to select it.
  • Fixed a tutorial text that no longer matched Adlog's skills;
  • Right-clicking correctly deselects a selected dead character;
  • Description of the passive of orbs power is correctly initialized;
  • Added a missing info in the summary of usage of the skill Overload of Adlog;
  • The "Camouflaged" effect is now correctly handled by Noria's fog;
  • Orkhan's "Tornado" skill has distorted a preview of displaced characters;
  • Joining a custom lounge is now possible again;
  • Fixed various bugs on navigating between the different team building phases in blind mode;
  • When a selected character dies, movement and skill indicators are correctly cleared.