Patch Note: June 06, 2021

Various bug fixes and game quality improvement.
2 years ago
Update of June 6, 2021
Small update to correct the main bugs detected during the last event.
Camera control
Now, with each action of the opponent, the camera automatically moves to the action in question. It is the same for the spectator mode where the camera is placed on the actions of the two players. This feature can be disabled in the game options.
Graphic settings
We have found that the options for game performance are not to be underestimated. We have therefore added an intermediate level for the graphic quality levels offering a total of three quality levels: very low, medium, ultra.
In the future, we will create more levels as well as a window to further customize the various graphics options.
  • Removed the “Leave Lobby” error message;
  • Opaque background for better legibility of tactical assets in team building;
  • Heiros' jump skill now applies damage;
  • Clicking end of turn at the end of time should no longer cause the opponent's turn to skip;
  • The icons of the effects on the characters are correctly initialized;
  • It should no longer be possible to have a missing tactical asset;
  • The AI ??should no longer play if the player wins at the end of the player's turn;
  • The paint bucket and symmetry options can no longer be selected when placing cameras;
  • Text “Deployment zone” replaced by “Deployment” so as not to go beyond the frame;
  • Using the paint bucket on a tile with multiple effects no longer causes an infinite loop;
  • Automation of the displayed version number;
  • The end of turn confirmation menu no longer blocks the tutorial;
  • Correction of the tutorial UI compared to the offset created with the last update;
  • Removed flickering when hovering effects applied to characters.