New website

Our new website is finaly completed !
3 years ago

After various versions of our site, we finally have a style that we like with a clean and personalized design as well as balanced content just giving the information necessary to clearly present the project.

The section dedicated to the Lostria project now offers the following pages:

  • Home - General presentation on Lostria.
  • The game - More detailed information of the game.
  • Characters - List of characters with the possibility to see the details of these.
  • News - List of all the news.
  • We have also revisited the section relating to our studio Krysta Games.

  • Home - General presentation of Krysta Games and list of our projects. Yes, there is only one at the moment :)
  • Who we are - More detailed information about the studio and the team.
  • The site is not frozen and will continue to improve over time, whether by us or due to the proposals you offer us.