We are back

After a year of break and thinking about the future of Krysta Games, we are finally back to continue our projects!
1 year ago

Hello everyone, after a full year break, I'm finnaly back and will contiune my work on Krysta Games!

I took this year to rethink what exaclty I want to accomplish and remodeled the website to be more fitting with my will. To be clearer, I will put more importance in the making of the universe of Krysta in a whole instead of the projects individualy. Moreover, in the goals to fix my lake of ability to comunicate on social network, I decided to do my work directly on this website instead of keeping it private on my computer and added a list of newly updated stories on the home page.

The website will still improve from now on and if you have some idea to make it better, I'll gladly listen to them.


I spend most of my free time on this project and I feel like I need more time to progress faster. So I made a Patreon campaign in wich you can help me financially in exchange of some rewards.

This money will be mostly used for me to spend more time on the projects and to pay artists to add beautiful pictures, musics and other kind of art to improve the quality of our projects.

If you like the universe of Krysta and want to help me complete it, you can support me by becoming a member on our Patreon campaing.

Here is a preview of the rewards you'll get with Patreon.

Bronze (€5/month): You'll have access to soon to release content on the website and a special role on our Discord server.
Silver (€10/month): You'll have access to work in progress content on the website and a special role on our Discord server.
Gold (€20/month): You'll have access to all early concepts and ideas on the website and to a special Discord channel to communicate with our team.

In the future, when the games will be more advanced, the rewards will be upgraded without changing their cost for in game content.


In the past, I was focusing too much in perfection and I didn't had the money to reach it. So I will lower my standard and do my best to complete Lostria in it's minimal version before the end of 2023. That meen adding the missing 3d models, upgrading some gameplay aspect and some other minore changes. We'll do the best we can relatively to what we can do instead of what whe hope to do to be sure to succeed this time.

The website just got reworked and I still didn't put all my work on it. Work in progress, concept arts, story ideas and more will be added bit by bit and improved over time.