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Story: Meline - Krysta Games


Race Epotykia

Gender Other

Birthdate 968-03-07

World Lostria

Faction Epotykias Queendom

Element Darkness

Height 215 cm

Weight 75 kg

Age 66 yo


Solitary traveler

Meline is a solitary Epotykias who loves to do wathever she wants. She uses her power of darkness to become invisible and go wherever she pelases. Other Epotykias don't really like her for her malicious and dynamic attitude. She lives away from the other Epotykias, close to the border, and often travel in the territories of Humans as a spy. She like to make humans think she is controlled to get more information of them. But this attitude make some other Epotykias think she is a traitor.

Rescue attempt

While in human territory, she learned about a group a slave Epotykias in the vicinity and tried to free them. While trying to free them, they strangely resisted, like they wanted to stay the slaves of humans. Due to the commotion, Meline escapes before the guards found her. Afterward, she learn what they are inhabited by artificial spirits who love to serve and it's not possible to remove a spirits placed in their soul stone. They are forced to act like slave their whole life like it's natural for them. Even if she succed to bring them back to the Queendom, they can still want to serves the humans and will still act like slaves. Meline don't know that is better for them, since they are not mistreated by the humans...

The laboratory

She once discovered a secret laboratory doing new experiment about evolving creatures. It's soon the millenium of the empire and security will be focused on the event. With a team, Meline infiltrate the laboratory to destroy all the researches and steal the relics as well as other usefull items.

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