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Story: Jhon - Krysta Games


Race Human

Gender Male

Birthdate 1004-06-01

World Lostria

Faction Human Empire

Rank Soldier

Height 188 cm

Weight 80 kg

Age 30 yo


Successful kid

Jhon came from a prestigious family. Since his youth he walk on an elite path, pampered by his overprotective parents. He is considered superior by his comrades wich respect him naturally. But, even if he have a lot of friend, they are more interested by his background than himself. Moreover, he succed at everything without doing any effort and feel a bit disapointed.

New challenge

To spice a bit his life and earn his own trophies, Jhon decided to join the new expedition for the dragon continent. Despise his questionable participation to the training Jhon make proof of great capacities, even if it's more for showing of in front of the ladies than anything else. A bit clumsy and a good speaker, he is a master in the handling of weapons. He can hit multiple moving target in a short time without any difficulty. He love to listen to the stories of Tark and picture himself as the protagonist. He want to be a hero like the one in these stories.


It's 1028, the day of the departure approches and Jhon will spend the last week with his family. His parents are overjoyed for Jhon and wish him great success. It's the head full of dreams that Jhon embark for his new adventure.

Land of Dragons

Jhon isn't really motivated to do basic tasks but is full of energy for mission that will bring him honor and fame. While his adventure, he learn a lot of things and accumulate the success like no others. Moreover, living close to the death bring is sence on earth and he isn't anymore the naive and clumsy soldier he once was. After saving Aria multiple time while trying to impress her, it was his turn to be saved by her. He stated to develop feeling for her afterward but kept them hidden.

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