Universe: Uwerl - Krysta Games


Species: Quadri
Gender: Male
World: Lostria
Faction: Quadris Tribes
Birthdate: 1018-06-11 (Lostria)
Age: 16 yo
Size: 115 cm
Weight: 50 kg


Uwerl is a member of the Krumo tribe, good at strategy and observation, he is a great candidate to be the next chief of the wise tribe. But one day, a large number of quadris came from the north, fleeing a new threat and seeked help. The enemy being a species using tools which helps them in both offense and defense. Uwerl was interested in these tools and listened carefully to the scouts describing them. He couldn’t start to understand the mechanisms behind them and started with simpler weapons and improved them bit by bit. By observing humans, nature, the priority of materials and more, Uwerl managed to build his first bow. Despite the other quadris considering it a weapon for cowards, Uwerl continued to improve his bow in addition to helping in the making of all kinds of weapons. He got his hands on a piece of human armor which was made of an unknown material. Heavy and extremely sturdy, he couldn’t copy it but he could use it to test his weapons. In the end, only weapons made of dragon bones can damage the humans’ armors.

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