Universe: Rems - Krysta Games


Species: Human
Gender: Male
World: Tarna
Faction: None
Birthdate: 0958-04-05 (Lostria)
Age: 43 yo
Size: 175 cm
Weight: 80 kg


Since his childhood, Rems was fascinated by the universe of video games and planned to build his future around it, wanting to build a MMORPG with a total immersion system. He cutted himself from others as he was focused on developing his project and studying until the day his concepts were close to completion. However, Meditech-Industry claimed he stole their work and forced him to stop his project by legal law. Rems could only give up on his dream and got banned from developing new projects. He spent the next years in depression while doing small jobs to pay his bills until the day he received a call from an old friend. Marcus invited him as a beta tester for a new game using his old project. Hesitant, Rems decided to participate in the experience but since Meditech is implied, he was allowed to have an anonymous appearance. He will play as a beautiful young girl named Stella and things become difficult as the heir of Meditech falls in love with her.

Full story

Wanna know how his adventure goes as Stella? We’re working on his full story here: Stories - Stella.

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