Universe: Void - Krysta Games



The Void is what composes the majority of the universe of Krysta. It is like a giant sea of emptiness in which the worlds float like small bubbles. It is constituted of pure energy and everything that falls in it will be disolved into energy over time. Due to the destructive effect of the Void and its immensity, it is extremely difficult to explore or analyze it and only speculation can be made.


There are rumors about creatures that live in the void, they were spotted at the fall of different worlds, absorbing their energy. However they were never seen at other occasions and can simply be creatures coming from the falling worlds that are more resilient to the void. If those creatures really do exist, they need to have their world energy in their body to survive in the void.

World Ender

There is a phenomenon with an unknown cause that makes the worlds disappear, the cause is still unknown but it was reported that a world sized shadow moved in the distant then a world was getting destroyed. It is considered to be some kind of natural disaster that can happen in the void.