Patch Note: March 18, 2021

Clarification on the various versions of the project and various improvements.
2 years ago
Update of March 18, 2021
Small updates to clarify the differences between the different versions of Project Lostria as well as inform you of various small improvements.
Separation of versions
This version will be available to the public and will mainly serve to show the potential of the project. The demo is therefore an offline version of Lostra allowing to discover the game with a limited content of it. This version, like the others, will also receive updates to stay current with the latest versions of the game.
You can now download the demo and preview the game!
Closed Beta
Access to this version is limited to those who support us financially on Patreon (and other platform in the future). In this version, players will have access to the latest novelties still in testing. Various tools will be available to testers to facilitate the various tests they wish to undertake. This version will therefore always be ahead of the Public version and may contain bugs.
For those who want to test the beta, join us on Patreon!
Public version
This is the version you will use in the future to play Lostria. This version will be free and accessible to everyone from the Steam platform once its development is complete.
Map editor
The map editor menu has been moved to the main menu rather than being a subcategory of custom games.
Preview of actions
Added transparency to the preview of actions such as skills and moves to lighten the visual rendering
The option to have the action areas displayed over the characters is back!
Others modifications
  • It is now possible to start training mode with 5-point teams.
  • Changed the display of the character skills list to avoid confusion.
  • The debug notification that appears at the end of the game has been removed, it is no longer necessary
  • Bugfix
  • Tactical asset names no longer extend beyond their text box
  • Character attribute names no longer extend beyond their text box
  • Added missing text for the 'Fog effect launched by the character Noria
  • Changing the options of a game mode no longer affects other game modes
  • Attempting to scroll through the list of characters in the 'team creation screen no longer causes an error
  • Fixed a bug in loading new features on the home screen