Patch Note: April 25, 2021

3D model of Alog and fixed many bugs.
2 years ago
Update of April 25, 2021
Following your feedback on the presence of many bugs, we worked as quickly as possible to correct them all. This update therefore mainly presents the correction of the majority of these bugs as well as the application of various of your ideas as well as improvement of certain information which seemed to be missing, causing questions among the testers.
Thanks again to you for testing the project and giving your feedback! Thanks to you, the quality of Lostria and the efficiency of its development improve strongly!
New assets
Alog : 3D model
The model of Alog is finally finished and integrated into the game!
Electric Orbs
Electric Orbs now update the links of Connected Orbs when destroyed. Therefore, if three orbs are aligned and the one in the center is destroyed, a new link is created connecting the orbs at the ends if the distance allows it.
Interface and information
Character purchase window
Slightly improved the purchase window for a character.
Skills information and effects
  • Added stack mode for effects in description;
  • Added clarification that Bleed damage ignores shield points;
  • Information regarding the range of skill has been clarified;
  • Added information if the skill makes the user visible.
  • Custom games
  • The custom game lobby now displays all game options;
  • Improved custom game creation window.
  • Character information
  • Added medium range category for Mai;
  • Slight revision of the character overview screen.
  • Victory type
    Added a precision on the type of victory at the end of the game.
    Thanks to your tests and feedback, many bugs have been found! Here is the list of all those that have been fixed for this new version.
  • The start of the game initializes normally and no longer shows an empty stage;
  • The texts indicating the collection requirements for the various modes are now correctly initialized;
  • It There is no longer any performance loss when browsing quickly through the history of games played;
  • The AI ??should no longer get stuck on a character's control;
  • Gravor and Skruggia can no longer appear in an invalid position;
  • Purchases in the store are correctly saved to the server;
  • Various windows can no longer be closed by clicking next to them ;
  • Added some temporary textures accidentally removed;
  • Rotation of frozen water squares has been fixed;
  • Healing skills no longer reveal characters hit;
  • It is no longer possible to summon a character to an invalid position;
  • Fixed the display of the skill preview not activating the correct ones edging;
  • Lora's Ice Arena correctly creates the Ring of Ice Spikes;
  • Laghoro's Fire Breath area is now properly set;
  • Berserk tactical trump card can be used again;
  • Removed index shift in custom map selection;
  • Various other bugs in the AI have been fixed;
  • Character selection hitboxes have been adapted to their new models;
  • Added missing summons descriptions;
  • remaining shield points are removed upon character death;
  • Joining a custom match properly disables game mode selection;
  • The collection filter is properly initialized after creation of a pre-built team;
  • The characters hit by a skill are made visible again;
  • Added localization for various texts;
  • Fixed lag symmetry in the map editor .