Patch Note: April 30, 2021

Fixed various bugs and a bit of balancing.
2 years ago
Update of April 30, 2021
A small update to fix various bugs and correct the balancing of some characters.
The movement skills of the characters Syva and Srok have their damage reduced by half, from 40 to 20. These skills offering a larger attack surface as well as movement should not do as much damage as the skill of attack targeting only one square in contact.
New attempt to allow small configs to be able to run the game. The option in the game configurations to manage the graphics quality has been revised and should be more efficient.
  • Various texts in the French version have been corrected;
  • The end of the Berserk effect no longer reveals the character's position if it is hidden;
  • The skills movement and summoning are no longer usable on squares occupied by a hidden character;
  • The test tools window no longer tries to update the main menu if it is open in a another scene;
  • The first custom card in the list can now be selected without any problems;
  • The timer configuration is displayed correctly in the custom game options;
  • Fixed the index of Vakthare's second skill;
  • Return of a default image for custom maps in map info when creating team;
  • Correction of a bug concerning the selection of the team building mode in a personalized game;
  • The information texts on the availability of tactical assets are revised for do not go beyond their limits;
  • Reset options if the save file is corrupted.