Roadmap - Krysta Games




Transfer all data to the website.

Adding a personality section to all characters.

Creating a timeline with all detailed storylines of the characters. (Gold members only)

Genealogy graph (Gold members only)

Writing the stories for the next 28 characters of Lostria.

All character visuel concept (Gold members only)

Adding visual and interactive content to the pages.

Creating a character relationship graph. (Gold members only)


Adding FAQ management in the admin panel.

Adding team management in the admin panel.


Version 1.0.0

Improving the user interface.

Improving how dashes and Jumps are working.

Reworking the character design.

Creating alternative appearances for the characters. (we'll start with swap colors only)

Migrate to Godot

Future ideas

Completing the planned 12 characters by faction. (28 new characters)

Adding a tournament mode where players can earn krystal.

In the custom mode, we plan to add the possibility for streamers to play with their community.

Your matches will be recorded and you will be able to review them with the possibility to analyse alternative moves.

Once Lostria is complete and have enough content, it would be nice to organize a tournament with it.

Better AI, Maybe with deep learning?

Map editor rework

Adding the possibility to configure the map rules like the number of turns or the victory points required to win.

Adding the possibility to configure the elements like the number of victory points earned by objective.

Adding a community aspect! Upload your maps, play the maps of the community, comment and rate them.


Improving game stats



Sceal of Karta